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portrait of businessman in tension
man in tension
man in tension
portrait of young woman in tension
american man in tension
Brunette woman having a headache in bed
Fearful couple doing their accounts
Man doing his accounts with a calculator
Stressed couple doing their accounts
businesswoman day-dreaming in office
Fearful man doing his accounts with a calculator
Worried couple doing their accounts
businesswoman sleeping
Young man doing his accounts
Woman with a headache rubbing her temples
Concerned couple doing their accounts
Portrait of a man doing his accounts
Brunette wincing with headache pain
Fearful man doing his accounts
Anxious couple doing their accounts
Woman with a headache and hand on forehead
Unhappy businessman in office
Attentive schoolgirl doing homework in classroom
Tensed entrepreneur sitting on sofa
architect in tension
close up of adult ceo in tension
portrait of young lawyer in tension
handsome male in tension
adult lawyer in tension
manager in tension looking upward
alone at the beach
wet and happy
Paar benutzt Laptop
offended girl over grey
Junge Frau trinkt Wasser nach Sport vorm blauen Himmel
Man with backpain
Man with backpain
Portrait of a pretty woman in the garden
wet and happy
wet and happy
Bored teenage girls
Worried Black Man
Adorable  woman posing in front of the camera
broken string - tension concept
Breaking rope isolated on white
Concept of stress with gear in the head of a businessman
Hand squeezing a stress ball
Young businessman is sitting on desk, holding two telephones and crying because of unmanageable work. Isolated on white.
Dramatic Image of Power Distribution Station with Lightning Striking Electricity Towers.
a water drop with reflections of light
Closeup headshot senior man suffering from headache hands on head with red colored inflamed areas looking down isolated on gray wall background. Human face expression. Health problems issues
OL to be nervous sitting in a chair
Closeup of frayed rope about to break.
Health And Pain. Stressed Exhausted Young Woman Having Strong Tension Headache. Closeup Portrait Of Beautiful Sick Girl Suffering From Head Migraine, Feeling Pressure And Stress. High Resolution Image
two insects carrying intimately glide in the water
Businessman rubbing his forehead
Defocused Man Sitting On Couch In Front Of Sad Young Woman
Bungee jumps, extreme and fun sport.
a poor girl suffering from the pain
portrait stressed sad young woman standing outdoors. City life style stress
Indian beauty has a headache caused by stress
Man sitting in front of a laptop
Tired stressed male worker taking off glasses, person massaging nose bridge suffering from headache and trying to relieve pain. Despaired man frustrated after reading company collapse or failure news
Portrait of stressed young woman near christmas tree
Business woman with backache after long work on chair. Isolated on white background, Model is Asian woman.
Businessman sitting at the desk in office at workplace took off his eyeglasses and rubs his eyes. Fatigue and stress at work, poor vision and influence of computer on human health, overworking concept
?oming out into the light. Portrait of stressed woman in the dark dress isolated on black background speaking on a smartphone
Grumpy man with copy-space.
Extinguisher off with water the word stress
A word cloud concept in red caps around the word Stress with great terms such as pressure, deadlines, family, duties, tension, change and more.
Young asian business woman with pain in neck in office
Worried woman holding her head, migraine.
head of the testing machine for various materials
Portrait of a mature man holding his head in pain isolated on white background
Man holding his nose because of a sinus pain
Young businessman is sitting on desk and having paper sheet in his mouth, because of unmanageable work. Isolated on white.
Young businessman in suit feels neck pain massaging tensed muscles after sedentary work sitting on uncomfortable office chair, employee having computer syndrome suffers from chronic cervicalgia ache
Closeup on stressed business woman with eyeglasses
Tired businesswoman massaging eyes feeling strain fatigue headache relieving pain, exhausted female worker suffering from migraine eyestrain after computer work, eyesight problem, overwork concept
Isolated man in blue shirt with pains in the neck over white.
Tired businessman taking off glasses lost productivity after office work laptop use to relieve dry irritated eyes feeling fatigue tension or strain, chronic computer syndrome, bad weak vision problem
asian woman holding hand and touching skin around cervical spine on  clear background
Silhouette of Power Lines being struck by lightning.
Springs, coils and spare parts
Stressed Man Working On Laptop
Attractive young woman working out indoors, doing yoga exercise on wooden floor, lying in Reclining Spinal Twist, Jathara Parivartanasana, resting after practice, full length, top view
Blue-tinted Offensive linemen
Businessman rubbing temples
Water spider or pond skater floating on the water surface.
Young pretty woman suffering for toothache
Broken braided rope on a white background.
A businessman stressed and confused by job
Young woman with pain in the back office.

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