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Young smiling call centre worker working among his business team
Doctor holding files while talking to a patient
Woman sitting on a sofa and holding a phone
Woman smiling while sitting on a couch and phoning
Woman telephoning while sitting on a couch
Woman smiling while sitting on a white couch
Two men with phone and tablet computer
Laughing men with a phone and a tablet computer
Young business team working with flipchart sheets
Nusre and doctor talking in a stairwell
Woman explaining something to a man
Nurse holding a file and talking to a doctor
Smiling businessman sitting at a desk while listening to a prese
Young call centre employee surrounded by his business team
Woman holding a tactile tablet and a credit card
Happy woman phoning while sitting on a couch
Green eyed woman wearing a headset
Smiling woman phoning while sitting on a sofa
Woman talking on the phone while resting on a couch
Woman holding a phone while sitting on a sofa
Green eyed woman with headset looking away
Woman typing on a phone
Woman holding a telephone while relaxing on a sofa
Close up of a call center worker
Notizzettel - Suche Frau!
Notizzettel - Suche Mann!
Notizzettel - Und tschüss!
Silvertext - JAVA
Woman showing a red retro phone
Notizzettel - Urgent!
Doctor holding a phone and drug box
Salesman talking to a couple
Couple listening to a car dealer
Businesswoman sitting with her hand on her chin in front of her
Cloud Computing
Young manager laughing while sitting in front of his team and cr
Serious business team working while sitting at the desk
Woman holding a piggy bank with her thumb up
Woman calling with her mobile phone
Doctor using a tablet computer while calling
Smiling woman showing a retro phone
Medienhafen Düsseldorf, Gehry-Bauten
Close up of a yellow pushpin pierced in the wall
Close up of a yellow curved adhesive note
Cascade Style Sheets
Direct to the dugout
two jumbos inside the tunnel
tunnel under construction
aerial view of the tunnel

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