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Motivated business team
Attractive Business Woman
man drinking water
Businesswoman with a headset on working in a call center
Business woman with boxing gloves on
Businesswoman with a headset on in a call center
Woman about to slap her boyfriend
A Doctor And Nurse At The Reception Area Of A Hospital
High angle of a thoughtful businesswoman using a laptop
Woman gesturing while quarreling with her partner
Upset woman about to slap her partner
Woman about to slap her partner
Serious woman holding out knife in kitchen
Woman with arms crossed back to her partner
Woman slapping her boyfriend
Woman sulking while her partner is talking to her
Washington Capitol
Iguacu Wasserfälle Arg06
Iguacu Wasserfälle Arg22
Iguacu Wasserfälle Arg10
Iguacu Wasserfälle Arg11
Das dunkelhaarige Mädchen zielt mit einen Pistole
Sunset over Washington DC
Iguacu Wasserfälle Arg19
Iguacu Wasserfälle Arg04
Iguacu Wasserfälle Arg20
Iguacu Wasserfälle Arg09
Iguacu Wasserfälle Bra09
Iguacu Wasserfälle Arg16
Iguacu Wasserfälle Bra11
Young woman is threatened by her partner
Stop hurting woman  Young beaten up woman looking at camera and stretching out hand while standing against dark wall
Violence at home - aggressive man beating his wife
Black and white image of a young woman crying useful to illustrate stress, depression or domestic violence
Vertical view of parents arguing at home
Teenager student with fear at his school (selective focus)
Woman victim of domestic violence and abuse  Mature woman scared of a man with broken bottle
Scared woman victim of domestic torture and violence
Silhouette showing domestic violence
Mature woman with black eye is victim of domestic violence and abuse
Care Worker Mistreating Elderly Man
Sad woman.
Mature woman sitting on the bed is scared of a man  Woman is victim of domestic violence and abuse
Domestic violence against women - symbolic image of broken glass and a woman sign
Domestic violence in an alcoholic family
Drunk aggressive husband and his scared wife
Family violence and aggression concept - furious angry man raised punishment hand holding leather belt over scared or terrified child boy sitting at wall corner
Mobbing in the workplace - boss yelling at employee
Domestic Violence and Abuse as a Abstract
Domestic violence with a man hurting to a terrified woman pulling hair and holding it in the fist in a dark place
Concept of domestic abuse. Battered woman escaping from man silhouetted at the top of the stairs, in fear of more violence
Black and white image of a girl with her hand extended signaling to stop useful to campaign against violence, gender or sexual discrimination  image focused on her hands
Violent attack, unrecognizable hooded male criminal kicking and punching victim on the street.
Depressed young woman
Businessman crushing coffee cup
Crying woman at table with abusive husband in background
man strangling and holding hair of woman in pain domestic violence
Domestic Violence Abuse in Many Forms Background
Woman victim of domestic violence and abuse. The quarrel in the family. A man beats a young woman
Abused young girl with hand up to say stop

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